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The journey with the Mobile Theatre
Janakaraliya - Theatere Of the People
Janakaraliya Theatere Of the People

The journey with the Mobile Theatre

The launch of the Jana Karaliya with its Mobile Theatre was organised with a Festival of Drama on 10th of March 2005. Mobile Theatre was installed at the Nomads Ground, Colombo7 and this first Jan akaraliya Drama Festival was held 10th to 19th March. The objective of organising the first Janakaraliya festival in Colombo was to Publicise the concept of a mobile theatre and its programme to the whole country, demonstrate the use of the new Mobile Theatre and new experiences that could be gained and check the response of Colombo based intellectuals, theatre goers and the urban society.

Newspaper and TV media was used for a strong publicity campaign. Banners, posters were also used and members of the Mobile Theatre Group distributed fliers in the city. About 800 invitations together with a brochure on Janakaraliya were used as direct mail to dramatists and other artistes. The festival was a success than expected.

There after, the Mobile Theatre Group started its first public interaction in Anuradhapaura. It should be stressed here that in the past, even with state patronage, it had been extremely difficult to have successful drama festivals in the outstations. Thus the challenge faced by the Janakaraliya Mobile Theatre group was herculean but was successful. In Anuradhapura 02 drama festivals (in 20 days-40 performances) were held in the Mobile Theatre itself and except for the first two days the theatre was fully packed. During the past 10 years Janakaraliya travelled with it Mobile Theatre throughout Colombo (twice), Polonnaruwa, Trincomalee (Kanthalai), Puttalam (twice), Hambanthota, Tangalle, Thambuththegama, Monaragala, Nuwara Eliya (Hatton) and Badulla (twice), Anuradhapura (twice), Jaffna (twice), Mannar, Vavuniya, Homagama, Ampara, Chilaw. Six months in every year from 01st of February to end of July were the travelling period of the team. They spend about two to three month in every location performing plays and conducting various services and activities.

Breaf of Founder

Parakrama Niriella that Founder of Janakaraliya Mobile Theatre, An Alternate Aesthetic Social Intervention in Sri Lanka.Since 2003, his main responsibility and devotion has been taking of "Jana Karaliya" Mobile Theatre and its Travelling multi-ethnic drama group throughout the country.


Being the most culturally positive force in developing a society contented with itself as a peaceful pluralistic society that enjoying and living with high aesthetic values and open to international knowledge and experience as well as living in harmony with nature.


Spiritual & cultural development of Sri Lankan society by means of enhancement of its creative, aesthetic and self- esteem as a peaceful, tolerable society and grooming the society to meet challenges in socio-economic and cultural development as a dynamic social member.

Contribute to Us

The HIVOS institute of the Netherlands extended their support to us in establishing the first ever multi ethnic drama troupe in Sri Lanka.USAID came forward to help us in this hour of need.USAID provided us the fully completed Mobile Theatre and kitchen utensils needed.

Picture Galary

Janakaraliya has many important and positive deviations from traditional drama, all encompassed in it, include in Sekkuwa, Soru Awilla - Thein Kallan, Watoluwo saha Uloluwo, Wenkatti Wattanam, Charandas, Charandas Kallan, Chekku, Devlo Gamana - Devlo Payanam, Erukkalam Poo, Andaramal, Hunuwataya, Kora Saha Andhaaya, Kurudanum Nondiyanum, Makararaksha, Meti Karattaya Seethambarapata Mayapattadai. Here some gathered memorable moments among them.

Track Records

Major Activities

Janakaraliya is capable of the mobile theatre, the proscenium hall or an open area in far away village hamlets into its ‘performance space’ quite easily adapting to the existing situation. This is an exercise of identifying the elements of the common ‘performing space’ correctly and using it to make the theatre art enjoyable for the common folk.
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Mobile Theater
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Indoor Amphi Theatre performance
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Activities in Detail


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