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The First Ever Mobile Theatre in Sri Lanka
Janakaraliya - Theatere Of the People
Janakaraliya Theatere Of the People

The First Ever Mobile Theatre in Sri Lanka

Within the accepted tradition in drama in Sri Lanka, drama troupes travel to locations where fixed theatre halls are available for performance. There was never in Sri Lanka a troupe of actors that travelled beyond those facilities in the cities, carrying a theatre hall and performing in that mobile theatre hall. Thus there was no opportunity for rural masses to enjoy drama. After many efforts, Jana Karaliya became the first ever Mobile Theatre in Sri Lanka.

The possibilities afforded by the collapsible mobile theatre hall are unique in many ways. Dramatists in Sri Lanka are accustomed to the picture frame (proscenium) theatre. Performance is direct from one side of the theatre to the spectators on the other side. Janakaraliya Mobile Theatre was designed and constructed as a 'New Arena Theatre'. Performance can be audienced from all four sides. Also, a director could use this theatre as a 'thrust' theatre and the audience will then see the play from three sides. Sri Lanka still doesn't have even a fixed theatre with such flexibility. This modern, collapsible mobile theatre has an audience capacity of 600 adults or 800 children. It could be dismantled with minimum effort and transported in two trucks, to any part of the country.

Design of the Mobile Theatre
The Model
Mobile Theatre After completed
Architect – Udula Bandara Aushadhahamy
Engineer – Eng.U.S.Karunaratne
Technical Officer – Mahinda Jayakody


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