Forum Theatre Programmes and performances at Chilaw

Five forum theatre programs with drama performances were held at Welihena, Medawaththa, Iranavila, Samindugama and Ambakandavila of Chilaw on 17th and 18th of February.

Support for school children of most wanting families

Upon an invitation, a team of friends of Janakaraliya Cultural Foundation (Sydney Bandara together with Damitha Leelaratne and Wickrama Perera) visited to the Rangadharanie center...

Janakaraliya Stage 2 Residential workshop on Social Cohesion

Janakaraliya conducted the stage 2 of the residential theatre workshop in 22nd to 26th January for Tamil and Sinhala mix group of teachers and shool students selected from schools in Kilinochchi and ...

Drama children production workshop for school children

A children drama production workshop was started by Janakaraliya for talented school children of the Rathmale Tissa Maha Vidyalaya of Srawasthipura, Anuradhapura.

Training for a New Theatre Group in Bogawanthlawa

Initial steps were taken by Janakaraliya to set-up a new theatre group in Bogawanthalawa, Hatton.

A new Children's play by Janakaraliya

A new Children's play was started to rehearse 07th Deember 2017 by Janakaraliya Mangement Team.

Premier shows of ANBAMUDURUM AYALAR in Jaffna

The new play produced by Sammuham Theatre group and Aarohana institute of Theatre in Jaffna with the assistance of Janakrliya was performed in Jaffna on 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December 2017.

Japanese BUNKA AWARD for Loha of Janakarliya

Rasaiah Lohananthan, one of the members of the Management team of Jankaraliya received the prestigious BUNKA AWARD of Japan for his talents and achievements shown in the field of theatre arts...

Three children's' drama performances at Rangadharanie Open Theatre

Janakaraliya selected three children's' drama productions from North Central province and gave an opportunity to perform them on Rangadharanie open air community theatre...

Cultural exchange programme with Leap Now team of USA

A volunteering and cultural exchange program between Janakaraliya and LEAPNOW transforming Education Institute of USA was commenced during 10th to 19th of November 2017.

ANBAMUDURUM AYALAR – A New drama production in Jafna

Sammuham Theatre group and Aarohana institute of Theatre are two well-known drama groups in Jaffna. Janakaraliya made a link between these two theatre groups to get together and produce a play.

Performance amidst a vast audience

Janakaraliya play CHARANDAS was organized by the Saath Sahrdayo community organization of Medagama, Madampe on 08th November 2017.

Janakaraliya workshop for students of Moratuwa Campus

During the past 4 years Janakaraliya conducted "Introduction to Theatre" theatre workshops for the students of the department of the "Integrated Design".

World Congress of International Theatre Institute (ITI) of UNESCO

As a Cooperating Member of ITI Janakaraliya participated at the World Congress of it held in Segovia, Spain from 17th to 22nd July 2017. Segovia is an ancient city in Europe and now that city has become a world heritage under the supervision of UNESCO.

CHARANDAS at Madampe

The most popular play and award winner of Janakaraliya, CHARANDAS was performed at the Cooperative Society Hall of Madampe on 30 th June 2017.

Janakaraliya's Theatre workshop with MSM community

It was a novel experience for Janakaraliya as Sumudu Mallawarachchi and Ajantha Shanthakumar conducted an Applied Theatre workshop on 07 July 2017 at Gampaha for MSM community.

Theatre in Education workshop for Teacher Trainees

A two days training workshop was conducted on 24 th and 25 th July 2017 by Senior Members of Janakaraliya, Rasaiah Logananthan and Ajanth Shanthakumar for Teacher Trainees of the Kotagala Teachers Training College, Nuwaraeliya.

Theatre workshop for the staff of Nachchadoova A.G.A's office

Under the request made by the Divisional Secretary of Nachchadoowa, Janakaraliya conducted a theatre workshop for the capacity building of the staff of his office on 31st July 2017.

Theatre Programme for prisoners

One of the senior members of the Janakaraliya, Ronika Chamalee started a Theatre training programme for prisoners of Gall prison from 04th September 2017

BHASHA SAGA MOLI performance at Nachchadoowa

Janakaraliya play BHASHA SAHA MOLI was performed at the Literary Festival organized by the Divitional Secretariot of Nachchadoowa community hall on 14th September, 2017 for the gathering.